3MP IP Network IR Varifocal Smart Vandal Dome Security Camera

3MP IP Network IR Varifocal Smart Vandal Dome Security Camera


This is a 3MP Vandal Dome ONVIF IP Security Camera. The amount of detail that this weatherproof camera captures is amazing. This is due to the 1/3 inch Aptina CMOS Image Sensor. If you ever have the unfortunate experience of a break-in or another crime, you can be rest-assured that the video that is captured from this camera will very valuable in capturing the criminal. This camera will record in a 2048 x 1536 pixel image size, so the authorities will love the fact that when they zoom in to see detail of a tattoo or facial features, that there will not be as much distortion as with lower resolution cameras. This is a key feature that will help make a positive Identification of the criminal.

Another great feature of this camera is that it comes equipped with Backlight Compensation. Where this feature comes in handy are areas that might ordinarily get washed out with direct light such as sunlight. There are times in the day where you might get a glare from the sun, and this camera will automatically adjust itself and compensate for the areas that might normally get dark. So, there is no where to hide from this camera's ever watchful eye.

At night this camera can see up to 50 feet, delivering the same great detail that 3MP has to offer.

There is also a manual zoom lens that comes installed. You can set the camera for an overall wide view of your surroundings such as a parking lot, or narrow in the view such as your door entrance. It is usually a good idea to use a combination of these cameras. You can have a couple of cameras set at the widest angle (2.7mm), so you can capture the whole scene. Then, you can set a couple more cameras at the narrow view (12mm) at the front entrance as well as the parking lot entrance, for example. This way you can see an overall view and also get closeups of the cars as they come in and also the people as they walk into your store.

This 3 Megapixel IP Dome Camera also comes with an SD Card Slot that will accept up to a 64GB Class 4 SD Card. It is best to record to an NVR, Hybrid or Tribrid DVR, however, as the card will fill up fast at the High Definition 3MP resolution.

This is a Smart Camera which comes with some extra features inside of the IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance System). These are the Tripwire Feature, Intrusion Feature, Abandoned Object Feature, Missing Object Feature, and the Scene Change Feature. These are pretty cool features that will send an alert to your email based on someone triggering one of these features that you set up. 

You can power the camera using a PoE (Power over Ethernet) or with standard 12v DC.

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Image Sensor:1/3 inch 3 Megapixel Aptina CMOS


Minimum Illumination:Color: 0. 1Lux/F1.4, B/W: 0.01Lux/F1.4;


IR Distance:50



Operating Temperature:-22F to +140

Dimension:6in x 6in x 4.7in

Power:12v DC | 1.2A | PoE(802.3af)