4 Megapixel HD over coax


It all started when...

Finally you are able to receive IP quality video with a Coaxial cable installation. Our New 4MP HD-CVI Security Equipment is now here. HD-CVI HD Over Coaxial technology can now be used up to 4 Mega-pixel video. Now 4 Megapixel security cameras can display video up to 4MP with HDCVI technology. 

With our new HD DVR's, it is now possible to record up to 4MP at 15 frames per second, 2MP at 720p, or 960H Analog at real time 30 frames per second.

Our new 4 Megapixel Tribrid DVR comes embedded with a Linux operating system, so that you’ll only need a monitor for initial setup through an HDMI or VGA port, and then the DVR can act as a stand-alone device. Our 5100 series comes with one SATA port for a hard drive capacity up to 6TB. Our 5200 series comes with two SATA ports for a hard drive capacity up to 12 TB