3 Megapixel IP Network Vandal Dome Pan Tilt Security Camera

3 Megapixel IP Network Vandal Dome Pan Tilt Security Camera


This is a 3MP Indoor/Outdoor Pan Tilt IP Camera. The added feature of having panning and tilting capabilities on a fixed lens camera is very beneficial. Consider that when you mount this camera, for example, you realize you wanted your view to be a little to the left and down a bit. That's no problem with this PT camera. All you need to do is log into the camera's web interface or through your NVR, and with a click of a mouse you can pan and tilt your camera to an alternate view for recording. No more climbing up on a ladder, re-adjusting, and then climbing back down again. Another benefit of owning a Pan Tilt Camera is the ability to take a look around while viewing your feed live over the Internet from wherever you are. You have up to 180 degrees of panning and 90 degrees of tilting to play with.

The recording capabilities of this 3 Megapixel IP ONVIF camera is amazing. When you connect the camera to one of our NVRs, the recording is so crisp and clear that when you digitally zoom in to see detail, there will practically be no distortion. Imagine if you ever experienced criminal activity and you needed to make a positive ID on a suspect. With this camera, you will be confident that the authorities will have a better chance at catching the criminal than with a lower resolution camera.

Plus, this IP camera has the added benefit of an internal microphone. Gone are the days when you have to purchase a separate microphone, wire it up and do an additional installation. Now, you can record audio as well as video without the extra hassle.

There is also an SD card slot for those of you who are not recording to an NVR, Hybrid or Tribrid. Keep in mind that the maximum card size is 64GB and it needs to be Class 4. The drawback of recording to an SD card is that it will fill up quickly at such a high megapixel, so we always suggest recording to a Network Video Recorder so you do not lose any precious data.

This PT camera would be perfect in a warehouse, a store, an office, and many other environments where High Definition security recording is a must.

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Image Sensor:1/3 inch 3 Megapixel progressive scan CMOS


Minimum Illumination:0.01lux/F1.2(color)


IR Distance:N/A


Pan and Tilt:Pan: 0°~±180° Tilt:0°~90°


Operating Temperature:-4F to +140

Dimension:5.25in x 5.25in x 2.5in

Power:12v DC | 375mA | PoE(802.3af)