2 Megapixel ONVIF TP Series IP Long Range IR Bullet Camera

2 Megapixel ONVIF TP Series IP Long Range IR Bullet Camera


Note: In order to use PSS Software, these cameras must be plugged into one of our NVR or Hybrid units. These cameras can not be accessed directly with PSS Software. Notification Snapshot are not supported with ONVIF Protocol.

This 2MP ONVIF IP Varifocal Bullet is one of the most powerful long range Bullet Security Cameras on the market. This is a Long Range Security Camera able to see long distances with its 6 to 60mm Lens. The manual zoom lens lets you choose whether you want an overall wide angle view or to zoom in really close to your target. This is a perfect camera in places such as a parking lot either installed on a pole or on a side of a building. A great use for this High Definition 2 Megapixel Bullet would be to pair it up with a fixed lens camera. The fixed lens camera would have an overall view, while this Indoor/Outdoor Bullet can zoom into specific areas such as an outdoor lot entrance. Install a speed bump at the entrance and now you have a perfect license plate camera. There are many uses for this camera, this is just one idea.

At night this camera can see up to 250 feet! That way your zoomed-in view can see at all hours of the day and night and still record at 1080p.

Another great feature about this Varifocal Long Range Bullet is that you have the option not to connect it to an NVR. There is a USB cable where you can install a flash drive, but keep in mind that at 2MP Resolution, the drive will fill up quick. The best way to use this camera is to have it record to one of our NVRs with plenty of hard drive space so you won't miss any precious recordings, especially if you need to hand over your surveillance footage to the authorities.

This camera also has audio capabilities. Just plug in our IP Megapixel Microphone and now you can record audio as well as video at the same clarity as any high end recording device.

Need an alarm configuration? Not to worry, this camera can handle trigger events such as motion and when connected to our NVR can even email you when an event happens.

Powering the camera is simple. You can use either PoE (Power over Ethernet) or 12v DC

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Megapixels:2MP - 1080p

Image Sensor:1/2.9 Sony CMOS


Minimum Illumination:0.01 Lux@F1.2


IR Distance:250 ft


Operating Temperature:+14F to +122


Power:DC 12V, PoE (802.3af) | 950mAh